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Our ways are not God’s ways – His thoughts are not our thoughts. We don’t see things as God sees them. He knows the beginning, the end, and the in between. He has a panoramic view of our lives. At a young age these ladies were taught to love God and experience His presence in music and song. They have served God since they were children. Forty plus years ago they recorded their first record album as The Harmony Sisters. They shared the stage with groups such as The Rambos, The Happy Goodmans and many others. They ministered in churches across the country. Everyone believed that they were headed to the top as far as gospel music is concerned. However God had another plan. He allowed them to experience things so that they could minister to a new generation who would be hurting and bruised  from the struggles of life. The life of Moses was unique in the fact that God had determined his destiny as a baby as the deliverer of the Children of Israel. He was raised in Egypt but as time went on left Egypt only to come full circle to fulfill his destiny. The Harmony Sisters have come full circle to fulfill their destiny to minister to people who need to feel God’s love